Wireless Mantra of the Week: Service Based Architecture in 5G

Mantra: The Service Based Architecture in 5G uses Network Functions that carry out specific functions.
Brief Explanation. LTE uses Reference Point based network architecture, where a limited set of network nodes carry out specific functions using pony-to-point logical interfaces. 5G defined more than a dozen Network Functions ( NFs) , with each NF performing a limited set of functions or services. An NF typically communicates with other NFs via a service-based interface although Reference Points or logical interfaces are also defined. Examples of NFs are UE, gNB, Access and Mobility Management Function (AMF), and Session Management Function (SMF). As an example, the AMF communicates with several other NFs using APIs on the service-based interface called Namf. The SBA can be implemented using virtualization and automation technologies such as NFV, SDN, OpenStack, and orchestration. The SBA yields benefits such as scalability, agility, and reduced costs. While 5G supports SBA, a Reference Point representation of the network architecture is also defined. See TS23.501 for more details of the 5G system architecture.

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