References: 5G Cellular Communications: Journey & Destination

While our book has a list of key references at the end of each chapter, we are also providing here some references. And, of course, if you come across useful references that you really like, please send us information about such references to Thank you!

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5G Network Architecture and End-to-End Concepts [NAEC] [Updated 4/28/19]

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New Radio (NR) Air Interface [NAI] [Updated 4/28/19]

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NG-RAN [NRAN] [Updated 4/28/19]

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Release 16 and Beyond [R16AB] [Updated 4/28/19]

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LTE, LTE-Advanced, and LTE-Advanced Pro [LLL] [Updated 4/28/19]
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Cellular Fundamentals [CF] [Updated 4/28/19]
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Potpourri [P] [Updated 4/28/19]
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