A discount is available to all universities, select companies, and professionals. To add your institute to the list of institutes eligible for discount or to inquire about the discount, please send email to info@thewirelessuniversity.com. You will be given a discount code if your institute is eligible for discount.

This book requires installation of the eBook on your local computer, which occupies about 300 MB of memory. All the high-definition videos and podcasts are stored in the cloud. Hence, Internet access with at least 5 Mbps is recommended for a good multimedia experience. While we do not have a formal return policy, please send email to 5gbook@thewirelessuniversity.com to resolve any issues or convey any concerns. If you want to see sample videos before purchasing the book, please visit our 5G book sponsor’s websitehttps://www.mobilewirelesstesting.com/5g-multimedia-eguide/.

Our 5G book has more than 3,450 minutes (i.e., about 55 hours) of video-based learning and podcast-based learning. We have more than 130 interactive exercises to reinforce your learning. The book is a virtual teacher; the teacher is ready to teach when you are ready to learn! Additionally, just like 5G offers amazing flexibility, this 5G book offers you flexibility…you can learn at your convenience.

When you purchase the 5G book, you will be able to access it on two computers (e.g., one work computer and one home computer). Thanks to the book being in the cloud, your notes taken on one computer will show up on the other computer as well.

After you purchase the book, you will get emails with the subjects such as “Your The Wireless University Order has been received,” “Your The Wireless University order is now complete,” and “Your 5G Book is Accessible Now.”  In the “Your 5G Book is Accessible Now” email, you will find your password and a link to a web page on this website to download the file. Your username is your email address. Please check folders such as Spam, Promotions, and Junk Mail if you do not see our emails in your regular Inbox. If you still do not see our emails within 24 hours of the order, please send email to 5gbook@thewirelessuniversity.com.

Thank you for supporting this history-making 5G book!

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