5G Essentials in 5 Minutes

Welcome to the “5G Essentials in 5 Minutes” series, where we discuss an essential aspect of 5G in less than 5 minutes!

#1: 5G Services

What kinds of services can we expect from 5G in the coming years? Check out this video to see if your great expectations will be met by 5G!

# 2: 5G Performance Goals

What kind of performance can we expect from 5G? And, how does 5G performance compare to LTE/IMT-Advanced performance? This video has the answers to these questions!

# 3: 6G Crystal Ball

While 5G is being deployed around the globe, both the academia and the industry have begun to think about 6G. Check out this video to learn about what 6G may do for all of us!

# 4: 5G Building Blocks

How can we create 5G? Check out this 4th video in “5G Essentials in 5 Minutes” series to learn about 5G building blocks.