Course Category: Chapter 9

5G System Architecture

The key design principles for the virtualization-friendly 5G system include modularization, service-based NF interactions, stateless NFs, separation of CP and UP, unified authentication framework, concurrent access to local and centralized services, local breakout and home-routed traffic, and capability exposure. This video provides an overview of key Network Functions that constitute the 5G system.

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5G QoS

No doubt, LTE offers an extensive QoS framework. In Release 8, LTE defined nine levels of QoS by specifying nine QoS Class Identifiers (QCIs). Well, 5G QoS even more extensive than LTE QoS. Indeed, 5G has more QoS parameters compared to LTE QoS. Additionally, capabilities of 5G enables 5G to support a new type of […]

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