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Cellular Communications- A Comprehensive and Practical Guide




These are exciting times for cellular communications.  Cellular

networks have evolved from first-generation analog systems to

fourth-generation digital systems in just about three decades.  We

welcome you to a journey that will take us through cellular

fundamentals and a variety of commercial cellular networks.  The

first-generation cellular systems and certain second-generation

systems have been replaced by newer-generation systems.  Remaining

second-generation systems are expected to be replaced by

newer-generation systems in the 2010s. We have included

second-generation systems in the book because several concepts from

these systems are reused (sometimes with enhancements) in the

third-generation and fourth-generation systems.


The book consists of three parts.  The first part provides a foundation

for cellular communications by explaining fundamentals of cellular

communications, radio propagation, digital communications, and

IP-related technologies.  The second part focuses on specific cellular

technologies, many of which are expected to exist for years to come.

The third part introduces a services network called IP Multimedia

Subsystem (IMS) and fourth-generation (4G) technologies, such as

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and Worldwide Interoperability for

Microwave Access (WiMAX).


*** Part I: Fundamental Concepts of Cellular Communications ***


Chapter 1 Introduction to Cellular Communications

Chapter 2 Elements of a Digital Communication System

Chapter 3 Radio Frequency Propagation

Chapter 4 IP and Associated Technologies for a Cellular System


*** Part II: 2G, 2.5G, and 3G Cellular Technologies ***


Chapter 5 Overview of GSM

Chapter 6 GPRS and EDGE

Chapter 7 Fundamentals of CDMA, WCDMA, and IS-95

Chapter 8 CDMA2000

Chapter 9 Universal Mobile Telecommunication System Release 99

Chapter 10 1xEvolution–Data-Optimized Revision 0

Chapter 11 High-Speed Downlink Packet Access

Chapter 12 1x Evolution–Data-Optimized Revision A

Chapter 13 High-Speed Uplink Packet Access


*** Part III: IP Multimedia Subsystem and 4G Cellular Technologies ***


Chapter 14 IP Multimedia Subsystem

Chapter 15 Fourth-Generation Technologies



Appendix A: A Brief Overview of Signaling System 7

Appendix B: Erlang-B Table

Appendix C: A High-Level Comparison of Third-Generation Technologies

Appendix D: HSPA+ Overview

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