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Our work is suitable for university students and researchers as well as wireless industry professionals.  Our hands-on experience with commercially deployed cellular networks enables us to provide practical perspectives for the cellular systems.

Our work is of interactive Socratic style. Thought-provoking questions are sprinkled throughout our work. Interesting short stories and analogies in our work help the learner retain key concepts.  Different types of activities are included in the exercise sections of our work.  These questions, short stories, and activities make the learning process not only rewarding but also enjoyable.


Find out what 5G adventure Dr. Nishith Tripathi (Award Solutions) and Dr. Jeff Reed (Virginia Tech) have embarked on!


Enhance your knowledge of cellular communications

The cellular industry has seen rapid advances with four major generations of cellular systems appearing in about four decades. Commercial fourth-generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) and LTE-Advanced networks are being deployed around the globe using LTE-Advanced Pro features. The cellular industry is vigorously working on 5G specifications with initial deployments of standardized 5G networks expected in 2019.

Our work is a comprehensive source of fundamentals of cellular communications and spans multiple generations of cellular technologies.



About Us

Dr. Nishith D. Tripathi



Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed


Both Dr. Nishith D. Tripathi and Dr. Jeffrey H. Reed have authored books, conference papers, journal papers, and chapters of the books edited by others.  Both Dr. Tripathi and Dr. Reed are educators. Dr. Tripathi teaches in industry at diverse types of companies and leads 5G research and content development at Award Solutions. Dr. Tripathi is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech. Dr. Reed is a professor at Virginia Tech and leads wireless @ Virginia Tech.  Together, they bring a unique combination of industry and academic experience.  The learner will gain knowledge of most relevant wireless communications topics as a result of the authors’ direct experience with these technologies.

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